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Dog-Friendly Cottages In Wales

Ah, Wales, home to idyllic mountains, a picturesque coastline, pristine beaches, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. With all these things going for it, it’s no wonder why you would want to go there for a vacation.

However, if you’re a dog owner who wants to take a vacation in Wales, you are probably facing one challenge: finding a place that accepts dogs. Not to worry though, there’s no need to cancel those plans. Here’s a list of places in Wales that absolutely welcome dogs.

Ysgol Hill, Fishguard

Ensconced on the outskirts of Fishguard, which is itself located in Pembrokeshire, Ysgol Hill is a single floor setup that welcomes up to two dogs. This is wonderful because there’s no risk of your dog getting injured while trying to go up or down a staircase.

This cottage contains, a living room, a kitchen one double bedroom, and a bathroom fully equipped with a walk-in shower. It also offers a washing machine, a fridge, an electric oven, etc. All these features can be snagged for as little as $488 per week.

Morgans Retreat, Summerhill

True to its name, Morgans Retreat is perfect for a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Situated just a mile away from the coast, this immaculate cottage welcomes up to two dogs and contains a restricted outer area fit for larger dogs.

The cottage proper has one bathroom, one bedroom, a living room, and a dining room. Also found within the cottages are the trappings of modern life- a kettle, a toaster, Wi-Fi, a fridge, etc. You can rent this cottage for a week for as little as $600.

Llwynbedw, St Dogmaels, near Cardigan

This property is ensconced right in the heart of St Dogmaels and is a perfect vacation spot for you, your dog, and your significant other. Located entirely on the ground floor, you won’t have to fret about any tumbles because you’ll be rest assured your dog is perfectly safe.

Llwynbedw welcomes one dog and contains one bedroom and a bathroom. There’s a terrace that’s perfect for your dog, and there are two parking spaces. You can get book this establishment for as little as $521.

Ricky’s Nest, Llanteg, near Amroth

Ricky’s Nest is ensconced within the grounds of a much larger estate and serves as a quaint retreat from the main home which was completed in 2018. It allows up to two dogs, and the large grounds mean your dogs will have as much space to play as they need. There is also a paddock available for the same purpose.

If that is not enough for your four-legged friend, you can explore Amroth and Pembrokeshire National Park, both of which are within walking distance of Ricky’s Nest. To top it all off, you can stay here for a week for as little as $673.

In conclusion, not only is Wales a perfect vacation spot for humans, but it is also welcoming to dogs as well. If you use dog friendly cottages wales, you will surely have a wonderful experience.

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