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Why You Should Avoid Drinking And Driving

It is common sense to avoid drinking if you get behind the wheel later. There are a lot of undeniable consequences when you are intoxicated while driving. While it might seem like a wild, challenging task, you should never try or even think of driving while you have alcohol in your system. The least you want is to become one of those people who got injured, or worse, died due to drunk driving. Here are several reasons why drinking while driving is not a good thing.

It is a criminal offense

Drunk driving is a statutory crime. Going to jail is most likely one of the things that can happen to you if a police officer catches you intoxicated while driving. You might serve a night or two in a prison cell. However, if you have no luck at all, you might cause harm to someone or property while drunk driving. When this happens, your expected jail time will not be counted by your mere fingers.

But don’t stress yourself too much when you are caught drunk driving because there will always be help wherever you are. For example, if you were caught drunk driving in the Treasure Coast of Florida, you may immediately contact DUI attorneys in the region to help you resolve your case.

You will get hefty fines

Aside from jail time, there is no doubt you will face some pretty huge fees for drunk driving. A DUI offense is not cheap at all, so think about your bank account, credit card, and wallet before you even think about driving while under the influence of alcohol. You will have to pay for the DUI ticket as well as court fines if you are unlucky, and even some civil penalties if you end up causing damage to someone else or their property. Oh, and do not forget that you have to pay for reinstating your license as well.

Ensure that your wallet is fat enough for some hefty fines before you try and drive while drinking.

You will have a higher accident risk

This is a self-evident reason why you should never drink and drive. Your senses, particularly sight and touch, will be taken away from you. This might make it difficult to maintain appropriate control of the steering wheel or see what’s going on on the road. You might end up injuring yourself seriously, and if your guardian angel isn’t watching out for you, you could die in a vehicle accident.

You might cause property damage

Causing property damage, particularly significant property damage, will result in not just jail time but also hefty penalties. You might potentially total your vehicle, which would necessitate a costly repair, or you could scrap it. You will, however, be at a complete loss if you drive while intoxicated.

It is important that you stay in the backseat if you are intoxicated. Do not risk your life and others if you have even just a bit of alcohol in your system. Always be a responsible driver!

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