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Things to Consider When Renovating a New Kitchen

A kitchen can be one of the most integral rooms in a house, often used as a social hub where families and housemates come together to eat, drink, and catch up with each other. Therefore, it’s important to make this space an inviting, aesthetically pleasing environment to be in. 

The importance of good interior design has shown throughout the past year and a half; while many people spent more time at home due to the numerous lockdowns and stay at home appeals, reports have shown a rise in home renovation projects – with 48% of Brits having made improvements to their home while in lockdown (GoodMove).

When deciding to revamp your kitchen, it can be daunting knowing where to start. Here, we list some of the main things to consider when renovating a new kitchen. 

Set Your Budget 

When undertaking home renovations, it’s easy to get carried away and slip over budget. One of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is to set your budget before anything else. Having a clear, set budget can help you work your renovations around this sum, rather than having the budget work around your renovations. 

By setting the budget before the renovation plans start, you can potentially save money on your new kitchen.

Set Your Timeframe 

The timeframe for your kitchen renovation is also important to set before the project starts to take place. Consider how long you could live without your kitchen and how long you could manage the building work going on for. 

While it’s important to set a timeframe, you’ll also have to be realistic with this, as building projects take time to do properly. When looking at the projects you’re wanting to get done, it’s good to also gauge of how long these take to complete, helping you to build up a realistic picture of how long your kitchen renovation will take depending on what you get done.  

Consider Professional Help 

If this is your first time doing a home renovation, it can help to get a professional kitchen designer in to bring your vision to life. Professional designers can help to translate your style into the physical design of your kitchen, while ensuring it remains functional and realistic given the set budget and timeframe. 

If renovating your kitchen is part of a wider redesign of the house, it could be worth enquiring about architect services to help oversee any structural changes and designs for your property. 

Think About the Layout 

The layout is an essential thing to consider when renovating your kitchen. It’s important to make sure that any improvements you make to the kitchen will not impair its functionality. For example, will you be able to open the oven, the fridge and all kitchen draws with the new design? Do the new improvements restrict movement throughout the kitchen?  Thinking about kitchen appliances and where they go is very important.

Ensuring that the new design is laid out in a functional way can help you create a kitchen that not only looks good, but also feels good to be in.

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