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Tired of Framed Photos? Check Out These 4 New Wall Art Trends!

If you are tired of dropping family pictures into boring frames and putting them on the wall, you are probably not alone. The world of photo displays has not experienced a lot of change in generations. That is until recently.

One of the best and most exciting new options that you can take advantage of when you want to display wall art in your home, is using personalized photo prints in unique ways. This kind of art is more commonly associated with mugs, shirts, and blankets, but now there are some fun new options that you can use to create unique photo displays that will wow your guests and make your memories stand out.vIf you’re an artist looking to expand your business and reach a wider audience, Gelato’s blog post on selling art online is a great resource that provides useful tips and insights.

If you are ready to learn more, read on!

4 New Wall Art Trends for Personalized Photo Prints

1. Put it on Canvas

If you have ever dreamed of having a painting of your family to hang on the wall, this fun trend is the answer to your prayers. You can now have your favorite photos put on canvas and stretched over a hidden inner frame. This unique style eliminates the need for a clunky or boring frame and makes it much easier to hang your photos.

Canvas prints come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and you can combine different formats to achieve a truly unique artistic look. This kind of wall art gives your photos a touch of dreamy pastel overtones that makes them seem timeless and look like they were painted by hand!

2. Try Out Poster Prints

Do you have a great picture that you want to make into a larger image to hang above your mantle or in the front entryway? This used to be a very expensive process, but now it is much more affordable to have your favorite images blown up into high-quality poster prints.

You can frame these prints in any way that you like or leave them unframed – high-quality posters are printed on lightweight yet sturdy photo paper that won’t sag or crease for many years. Hang them up in your home or at your workplace for an instant pop of style with high-quality color fidelity.

This can be a really fun way to make a collection of custom posters to commemorate a special event or to celebrate your children’s life as they move through their school years. Moreover, poster prints are one of the most affordable types of custom wall art – for example, at prices start at just $ 6.00 for a 12″x16″ print. Choose a reliable low-cost provider and revive the best moments of your life without breaking the bank!

3. Go for Metal Prints

Frameless metal printing is becoming very popular and it is easy to see why. There is something shimmery, present, and vibrant about photos and images that are printed on metal, and you get an added bonus of extra durability when you select this printing method. No more frames, and no more worries about damaging the edges of your art.

While the cost is greater for this kind of image, the sharpness and clarity of the colors and the durability of metal prints is totally worth the added expense. Note, though, that some providers, such as, offer high-quality metal prints for discount prices – thanks to the streamlined production process they are able to cut the prices without compromising on quality.

Metal prints provide a delightful way to showcase that favorite landscape image that you took on a vacation or your favorite graduation or engagement or wedding photos and make them last for years to come. There is no better way to get a high gloss finish with pin-sharp resolution and color reproduction.

4. Explore the Benefits of Photo Tiles

Depending on your wishes and your room’s design scheme, you can also have your photos printed onto lightweight frameless photo tiles. This approach to photo printing creates a charmingly unique wall art installation that gives you countless arrangement opportunities – just choose photo tiles that come with reusable adhesive pads.

This is a fun way to display more casual images and showcase a whole bunch of your favorite photos even in a relatively small space. Photo tiles are creative, unusual and unequivocally modern – try them out and be smitten forever.

Picking the Right Personalized Photo Display Style is Easy

These days there are so many great ways how to showcase your photos – you can make your own unique wall art display that is not limited to traditional framed photos. It is a delight to be able to see the entirety of the image in each of these display options, without having a large frame in the way.

You can pick a single one of these wall art trends or take advantage of all of them to refresh and brighten up all the walls and empty spaces in your entire home!

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