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Visiting the British seaside in 2021

2020 has seen the staycation rise in popularity across the UK, with no signs of this trend going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, research conducted by Park Holidays UK, shows 11% of Brits plan to travel exclusively within the UK and a further 31% say they plan to do more domestic travelling in the next year.

This also explains the sudden surge of interest for caravans and holiday homes. Despite the significant impact cause by the pandemic, the demand for caravans and holiday homes especially along the coast is the highest it has been for years. Tony Clish, UK Director for Park Holidays, commented:

“At Park Holidays, we have seen soaring numbers of bookings over the course of this year, and a huge peak in interest into the next year too. It is reassuring to know that there are so many out there looking to support UK tourism after a challenging season.”

This is very encouraging to the local tourism industry, as reports show that staycations could boost the economy by £8 billion. The more people choose to spend their money at home, the more it benefits local businesses, especially coastal towns that rely on a steady influx of visitors every year.

While the country eagerly awaits travel guidelines for the coming year, it is worth planning your holidays and having something to look forward to. So where will you go? Here are some of UK’s favourite seaside spots:


Have you been to Scotland recently? In Gaelic ‘Oban’ can be translated to little bay, but there’s plenty to do here. Surrounded by spectacular Scottish countryside, Oban is located close to some of the most dramatic western shores. If you visit for a weekend, you could make the most of your time here by exploring the surrounding islands: Mull, Iona, and Staffa. You’ll be amazed by how much one place can pack in so many sights and history.


Norfolk has some of the most beautiful beaches the coast has to offer. In fact, Norfolk has 6 Blue Flag beaches, meaning they are rated among the cleanest and with the best water quality. In a recent study conducted by Park Holidays, Norfolk came out on top as the nation’s favourite seaside county to visit.


An award-winning destination that managed to combine bustling nightlife and family friendly into one location. This town has seven miles of golden sand beaches that rank highly in cleanliness. There are plenty of activities to choose from on and off the beach and more importantly (for some) cuisine for all tastebuds.

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