How To Increase Team Productivity By Improving The Look Of Your Office

A nice office space is so much more than just a pleasant environment in which to decamp for eight hours a day and luxuriate in your surroundings. Indeed, it is widely believed that a pleasant working environment will improve your staff’s mood and therefore their output too. It is something that should not be overlooked, particularly in such a difficult economic climate with such fragile mental states.

So if you’re looking to increase your team’s productivity by improving the look of your office, take a look at these top tips of how to achieve it:

Make it more welcoming when staff arrive

It can be tough enough to head to the office on a Monday morning, but chirpy reception staff in a nice setting will immediately help to lift anyone’s mood. You can help to achieve this with a high-quality reception desk for those who need to sit at it for the working day, so perhaps you could invest in kitting out this area firstly.

Have decent workspaces conducive to a positive work environment

Old and unmatching desks that are shoved wherever they will fit might allow your employees to do their jobs, but there might be ways they can do it better. For example, you could consider some collaborative banks if some staff need to work together, but for others who prefer solitude, there are all kinds of dividers that can be put in between people. Having a suite of new desks will also make the place look much better, which will make everyone feel happier in general. Generally keeping areas open plan will help the most, but you need to be flexible in certain ways.

Bring some nature indoors

The University of Exeter conducted a study that showed plants in a workspace can improve productivity by as much as 15%! This is a huge increase for a comparatively small change so it might be worth nipping to the local garden centre to kit your place out.

Consider your colour scheme

Again, the colours throughout a workplace can play a role in how happy and productive staff feel so you need to consider this. Colour psychology is a genuine science so use it to your advantage. For example, neutral colours and blues are apparently able to improve concentration, whereas yellow can stimulate mental activity. Perhaps a lick of paint might be in order?

Declutter everywhere

Having towering piles of paperwork, or old brochures – whatever it might be – can really hinder the ability for staff to be productive. If the areas are cramped, messy and disorganised, it is very likely to dampen the mindset of staff and decrease their productivity. So having a mass clear-out will not only improve the way the place looks, but it will also make everyone work a bit better!

It can be easy to simply focus on the tasks at hand and the approaching deadlines, but the fact is, if you can dedicate some time to improving the way your office looks, you’ll improve the way your staff works. So it’ll be worth it in the long run!

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