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Body Rubs for Rest, Relaxation… and Randiness? Why You Should Get a Rub Down

Body rubs are definitely not your standard massage, and as such, they can actually hope to help with a few issues that a regular massage can’t.

The main differences between massage and body rubs are that massages are performed by a licensed professional masseuse. When it comes to body rubs, while you can expect to get work done by a professional, it’s unlikely that they are specifically licensed for it. This is because the nature of a good body rub is actually pretty hard to box up.

Body rubs are generally performed by a companion or escort. This is because, on top of being incredibly relaxing, body rubs also have a sensual element to them. Not necessarily sex- but you’re not going to be cuddling with your masseuse any time soon. A professional behind Elite Indulgence says that “a body rub is more than just a massage, it’s an experience and true companionship.” Meaning that body rubs are far less clinical than you would expect a massage to be.

Body Rubs Are The Massage of the Future

If you recall, newspapers and media outlets blew up when they found out that professional cuddling was a thing. But, science stepped in to defend it. It´s suggested that cuddling is actually incredibly necessary for human development as well as a powerful deterrent to stress and depression.

“When you cuddle up with someone, you get a release of oxytocin, which is a hormone that really helps get you to relax. Elite Indulgence says that they can see visible changes in their clients before and after an appointment. Obvious changes in stature, posture, and even expression. “For me, that’s all the science I need. Just seeing people walk out looked refreshed and calm.

For many of us these days, particularly men- cuddling is something that doesn’t really happen every day. This complete lack of chill can cause some pretty serious upset in our lives. Prolonged and heightened stress levels can cause something called General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) which means our bodies say in a heightened stress state all the time. GAS has been linked with many kinds of resultant dysfunction and diseases. Things like anxiety, insomnia, ulcers, depression, and even an increase in the risk of infection and diabetes.

The best way to break the cycle is to find outlets in which you can fully relax and release, body and mind. And body rubs are one way of doing that.

What is a Body Rub?

“Body rubs are a type of sensual massage, in which you don’t always just use your hands.” According to Elite, these type of body rubs can use ever party of the rubbers body to create a calming bond and full relaxed experience. Using traditions that date back centuries, Elite unlocks the client’s mind by using this oxytocin dump to her advantage.

“Some people aren’t touched in ways that make them feel good, ever. To me, that seems like a tragedy. Think of how relaxed you are when you get a hug from someone you truly love or admire. How wonderful and validating it is to be touched in such a respectful way.”

They say that using body rubs to spark this sense of companionship and bond in her clients gives them an experience that they need in their lives. “It’s not just about being horny. It’s about feeling desired, loved, respected. We communicate so many of these very intimate feelings through touch. It’s important that everyone has a chance to feel that way.”


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