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Travel Tips for Long Train Journeys

Train journeys are a hate it or love it topic. Some people love the glamour of first class, while others find the hustle and bustle of rush hour stressful. However, whether you are interrailing around Europe or travelling through the British countryside, here are some tips and tricks to make your journey a little more comfortable.

Sound blockers

The worst train journeys always involve someone making a very loud phone call, a hen party or a group of people talking over each other. Don’t get me wrong, I have been all of these at some point. But it’s always nice to have some peace and quiet on a longer journey.

Try out noise-cancelling headphones, earplugs or just regular headphones. You can always download podcasts, music and audiobooks to entertain you while blocking out the sound around you. You can even pretend that you are relaxing at home.

Travel in pairs

Travelling alone is great for ‘finding yourself’ and building your confidence. But sometimes it can get lonely and, well, boring.

Why not travel with your friend, partner or family? Duo tickets are often cheaper, especially when you book them online. Besides, sharing your adventures with a loved one is always more fun!

Bring a blanket and pillow

If your train is an overnighter, remember to bring a travel pillow, eye mask and blanket. Memory foam travel pillows compress into a little bag and are great for your neck as well.

Bring your own food

Unfortunately travelling by train is expensive. Although, you can save money by bringing sandwiches, trail mix, fruit and a few chocolate bars. If you are travelling in Europe or Asia, there are often street food stalls outside the station. Make sure to try out at least one train meal and as always, taste the local delicacy.

Dress for comfort

Trains are not the place for high-fashion. You will be sitting, sleeping and spending a lot of time in this outfit. So dress in your comfiest clothes and shoes!

Freshening up kit

For any long journey, make sure to pack deodorant, dry shampoo, moisturiser, wipes, a travel toothbrush and anything else you may need. This will make you feel a little less disgusting after spending countless hours on a train.

Remember to only pack the essentials, and enjoy it!


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