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How to Plan Your Engagement Party in 8 Easy Steps

Congratulations, you are engaged. Yes, it’s time to get down and celebrate this all important milestone in your life. It’s possible you’ve started wondering how to plan your engagement. No need to worry or fuss, we’ve created a guide that will walk you right through. There are many different steps you can take in finding out how to plan an engagement party. However, we have made it simple and straightforward, a method that would work for any type of engagement celebration.

The perfect way to announce that you’re engaged to friends and family is with an epic engagement party. Some people prefer something low key and not extravagant in any way; some others prefer a limited budget. So, if you are thinking just about engagement announcement ideas, then you are in the right place. Whatever size or style of engagement party you have in mind, our guide covers all the steps you would need to make it a success. Read on for more.

1. Pick a date

One of the very first steps in planning a big or small engagement party is picking the date. It is important to find a date that would not only suit you, but your close family and friends who you want to attend. So, consider choosing a time when most people would be available, like a holiday period, or a time when kids are out of school and any parents on your guest list would be free.

The date is also important for your invitations and save the dates and also social media, where you can inform your family and friends that this celebration is happening.

2. Choose your host

So, traditionally, in the etiquette of engagement party planning, the parents of the bride usually host the engagement party. However, not all couples go this route, so it would be a good time to decide who would host the celebrations. Your choice of host would also determine many aspects in your steps to the engagement. If you are deciding not to go with tradition, you could host the engagement party yourselves, or get your friends who you trust to do a good job, to host it.

Either way, be sure to pick a host that you know would give you an engagement party celebration to remember forever.

3. Prepare the guest list

While lots of people might dislike this aspect in planning an engagement party, it is essential that you create that guest list. This can be quite tricky as tradition dictates that everyone invited to your engagement party would also be invited to the wedding. However, at the same time it wouldn’t be very easy to write a wedding guest list at this point or just invite everyone who would attend the wedding to your engagement. Yes, it’s definitely tricky. But, seeing as the engagement party is a prelude to the wedding, you could try not giving it too much thought and just invite your nearest and dearest.


4. Children Friendly?

You should also consider if you would want a children friendly engagement party or not. This would help guests with kids decide in advance if they would need a baby sitter for the evening, or if they would be attending at all.

5. Find the right venue

A large part of your engagement party costs would come from the venue, especially if you are holding the celebrations away from home. So, this is another important step. The theme of your engagement party, as well as the size of your party, can help determine what location would be best to use.

Some people choose rural spaces like an old barn or countryside outdoor space. Others prefer locations like a fun social club or pub that already has most of the seating and entertainment in place. Some others would prefer the serenity of a lake side, beach or special park. Either way, your choice of venue is vital to the success of your engagement party and the type of activities you can include.

6. Plan the celebration

You might want a simple engagement party that just goes with the flow, or you might be the type of person to plan it every step of the way chock full with fun activities. Either way, it is a good idea to plan what your engagement party celebration would be like. Would it just be all fun from start to finish, would it have a theme, would there be speeches, would there be a buffet or would you need waiters? Keep in mind though that the setting for your engagement party, could as well set the tone for your wedding in the minds of your guests.

7. Manage the decor

When wondering how to plan an engagement party, the decoration is often topmost on the mind. However, if your venue doesn’t come already decorated, you could always consider engagement party rentals. But, if you are a DIY sort of person, then balloons are always a great idea. With balloons you can use color to dictate if you are having a sleek and classy affair or if it will be a laid back and all out fun fest.

8. More decor

You could create a balloon arch in the engagement theme colors or a balloon wall instead of a floral one, for the most cute and endearing engagement party backdrop. Twinkly lights, flowers and candles are also great ideas for engagement party décor.

With this guide you won’t have to worry too much about how to plan your engagement. Follow these simple steps and have fun celebrating this new phase in your lives.

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