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The Biggest Eyelash Mistakes to Avoid

There’s the right way and the wrong way to get the most out of your lashes. Don’t want to mess it up? We can help.

Since the days of Cleopatra, long, wispy eyelashes have been a sought-after facial feature.

The struggles of having short, straight, or nearly non-existent eyelashes can cause a woman to make some drastic beauty moves.

On the quest to have gorgeous long lashes, there are very few lengths that some women are not willing to go. They paint, glue, extend, curl, and even take vitamins in an attempt to achieve the perfect lashes.

Unfortunately, some of these very same women make mistakes that will ultimately cause harm to their eyelashes.

Read these five bad habits and, if you’re trying to improve your eyelashes, be sure you don’t make the same mistakes:

1. Habitually Rubbing Your Eyes

As hard as it may sound, you want to do everything in your power not to rub your eyes. This one habit can be the most significant cause of eyelashes falling out.

The rubbing, even soft rubbing, can pull at the follicle of the eyelash. This simple action can either cause the eyelash to fall out immediately or weaken the follicle connection to the skin, and it will fall out later.

Even with clean hands, rubbing your eyes can put germs and pollen from the air and around your eyelids to get into the eye itself.

The pressure and scratching that rubbing puts on the iris is harmful and can even cause permanent damage.

After a while, rubbing your eyes can desensitize the eyelash follicles. Since your eyelashes are there to protect your eyes from any harmful dust or foreign objects, rubbing them only ruins their very reason for being.

2. You Sleep With Makeup On

This one is a big no-no. Sleeping with your mascara can cause conjunctivitis of the eyelids. This extremely unpleasant infection will cause your eyelid to itch and swell.

Not to mention, leaving your eye makeup on overnight can cause eye irritation and blemishes to develop around the eye area.

To prevent these unpleasant medical symptoms, be sure to remove your mascara every night.

Remember, we already discussed that rubbing your eyelashes is a bad habit. Instead, you should gently cleanse your lashes with a cotton pad and oil-based cleanser or micellar water.

For waterproof mascara, allow the soaked pad to lay on your eye for a few seconds before wiping it off.

3. You Use Expired or Used Makeup

All makeup comes with an expiration date, and using expired mascara can cause a slew of lousy eye problems.

Using expired mascara can cause eye irritation. It can even cause your eyelashes to have bacteria and possibly fall out.

To be on the safe side, chuck your mascara every 3 or 4 months. Be sure to check your other eye makeup too. Here is a list of makeup expiration dates for you to follow.

Another tip; don’t borrow other people’s mascara. Our bodies can deal with our own germs but not those of others. So using a friend’s mascara in a pinch can be a bigger problem than you anticipated, resulting in an infection.

This tip applies to sample makeup at stores as well. Instead of trying the makeup on your face, why not ask the clerk if they have take-home samples or try swatches on your forearm.

4. You Use Your Eyelash Curler Wrong

An eyelash curler can be an irreplaceable beauty tool, so long as you use it correctly.

The correct way to use an eyelash curler is to use it before you apply mascara. You shouldn’t use it at the root; instead, start about a quarter of the way out. Then, keep curling until you get to the tip.

Make sure you keep your eyelash curler clean and don’t push too hard on the curler.

Replace the curler pads every three months or if you notice that they are cracking or hard.

5. You Rip Off Your Extensions

Some women want the stop-you-in-your-tracks lashes. This look usually requires lash extensions.

The process is costly and can be complicated, but if you have to use extensions, you need to remove them right. This step is crucial to keep your natural lashes healthy.

Instead of ripping them off, gently use a q-tip and oil-based cleanser to disconnect them from your eyelash line.

One way to make removal more manageable is to use as little glue as possible when attaching them.

How to Improve the Health of Your Eyelashes

The list above is about getting the best-looking eyelashes, not what to do to keep your eyelashes healthy. However, there are positive steps that you can take to make your eyelashes stronger, shinier, and healthier without the use of makeup.

One way is to take skin and nail supplements. Eyelashes are tiny hairs, so it makes sense that a vitamin that boosts hair health would also improve your lashes.

Look for vitamins that contain biotin and collagen. These are the two best supplements for thickening and growing luscious lashes.

You can also try eyelash serums. These are like vitamins that you apply topically.

The serums often come in a tube that resembles mascara, but instead of a wand, they have a small brush at the tip. Take the brush and apply the serum at the root of the eyelash.

This serum will condition the lash, strengthen the follicles to prevent falling, and help your lashes grow.

These serums are the best on the market. Find on the list that fits your budget to give your eyelashes a tasty drink of nutrition.


Staying away from these mistakes will help to keep your eyelashes long and healthy. Following these suggestions will not only keep those lashes looking nice but will also help to protect your eyes as well.

Let’s be honest, ladies, we want to look good, but more importantly, we want to feel good. So don’t ever take risks with your health in an attempt at improving your appearance.

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