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5 Tips on Giving Your Car a Makeover

Cars are an essential part of our lives. We rely on them to get the kids to school, drive to work, and travel on holidays. We often rush around in them and forget to clean up our vehicles. However, cars can become dirty very quickly, from scratched CDs to muddy carpets; it’s time for our old cars to get a makeover.

It can be daunting knowing where to start, especially if your car needs work on the interior and exterior. Most jobs are easy for you to do like motivating yourself to clean up rubbish, but sometimes it’s important to admit defeat and take your car to the garage. To help you get started we’ve bundled up some tips on how to give your car a makeover.

Scratch Repair & Respray

If your car has scratches and the paint job looks old, then give your car’s body a makeover by taking it to a garage. It’s best to let the professionals do the paint and remove scratches, as they have the correct tools such as a polishing unit and contour tools. Sorting out the body of your car costs less than buying a new car, so give it a go!

Interior Clean Up

Sorting out the interior of your car makes a huge difference, as it instantly makes the car look smarter. Get your car organised by sorting through your CDs and putting them into one storage place. Remember that your car gets dusty, so wipe down your dashboard. A de-cluttered car is a safer car, as objects can go flying in a crash and can cause a lot of damage.

Change the Sound System

There’s nothing worse than taking your friends on a long drive, or family on holiday, to then have to listen to music through rubbish speakers. Modernise your sound system and enjoy every journey you have in your car. Add a Bluetooth function to your car so you can play the music you want from your phone. A good sound system can make your commute to work more fun!

Buy New Wheels

Worn-down tires can make a car look used and old. Wheels take the most wear and tear, so it’s good to change them once in a while. Proper car maintenance involves looking after the wheels of your car. Changing the wheels will instantly make your car look newer whilst improving the safety of your vehicle.

Clean the Car Seats

The car seats collect so much dirt and many car owners never clean them. First, hoover up the crumbs stuck in the crevices (they’ll be loads if you have children). Then, grab a brush or sponge and some warm, soapy water to gently scrub at the dirt on the seat. If there’s a bad stain you can use baking soda or laundry detergent, but don’t use these solutions if you have leather seats. Instead, use a vinegar mix, but make sure to wipe the mix away with a try towel.

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