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Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at the Reception

You spent months and months planning the perfect wedding. You paid attention to every detail and nothing was missed. The limo and photographer were there on time, pictures were popping all day, and you looked great. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church because everyone was so moved by your vows and the ceremony. What a moment. After a few more pictures and a limo ride, it’s time for the reception. But it’s a total disaster! Everyone looks bored, they don’t know what to do, the bartender is MIA, there’s no music, and people are leaving. There are ways to keep guests entertained at the reception. Find out what they are so this doesn’t happen to you.

Paparazzi Photo Sharing

Let’s assume that the majority of the guests will have a smartphone. Invite your guests to download a private photo sharing app like Veri. It automatically aggregates everyone’s snaps in real time like a hashtag, only better. No uploading, no tagging, and no separate camera apps. Once everyone loosens up and gets to know one another, taking photos together and sharing group snaps is even more fun.

Dance Fever Is Spreading

There is no such thing as a wedding reception without dancing, or at least there shouldn’t be. The dance floor should be active all night long. That is largely the job of the DJ, but there are other ways to keep the dance floor packed. People who have no business dancing can’t help but dance at a wedding. They just get caught up in the moment.

Designate Table Ambassadors

I’m glad you asked. A table ambassador is one of your more outgoing and engaging friends who has no problem approaching a table full of strangers. Their job is to ensure that everyone at the table is introduced, included, and having the best possible time. They start the conversation and keep it going, like a secondary emcee for the tables.

Don’t Overthink It

There is a tried-and-true method for helping people loosen up and have fun: alcohol. The best way to keep guests entertained at the reception is to keep them well lubricated. True, some people get all nervous and tense when you bring up booze, but let’s be honest—wedding receptions without drinks are boring. For those guests who want to partake in libations, make them available. By the end of the night, all inhibitions will be gone.

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