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Online Slots Strategies That Will Make You a Guaranteed Winner

 Online gaming is on the rise, especially with the events of 2020. If you have ever wanted to play online slots but have felt like you didn’t know how to make a good strategy, you are not alone! Thankfully, there are some tried and true methods that can make your online slots experience fun and profitable every time!

It can be overwhelming to decide where to play or how to play, there are some simple strategies to use when selecting your online casino and which slots at the casino to play. If you want to know how to make sure that you are a winner every time you play, just follow our guide to online slots and reap the rewards!

Online Slots Strategies That Will Make You a Guaranteed Winner

  1. Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Many new slots players are tempted by slots that just look and sound tempting before you even start playing. Flashy games may be fun and you can certainly choose to play them, but they might not be the right choice if you are concerned about winning. Often flashy slots have the worst pay-out percentages. Make sure to research the pay out ratios and check out how many lines of play you are offered as well as what the max jackpots are before you even start playing. The images and colors may not be as pretty as that flashy slot but winning feels better than any exciting video options.
  2. Decide What Your Bankroll is: Decide in advance what you are willing to spend when you play. If you want to play for a couple of hours but only have limited funds, you had better make sure to pick your slot carefully and not choose a high bet slot. If you are playing a high bet machine, it might cost you a large portion of your set bankroll in a few spins. Plus, it is always a good rule of thumb when gambling, to make sure that you can stick to a set amount of money to spend. Being extended past what you can afford is 100% not fun.
  3. Know How Paylines Work: While not exciting, knowing how paylines work for your slot of choice can make it possible for you to increase your odds of winning jackpots exponentially. If your slot offers 25 paylines and you play 5 of them, you will never hit a jackpot. This is particularly true if you can’t afford to spend much per spin. You need to be sure that you are making it possible to win big money, or else why are you playing?
  4. Use Your Bonuses: Many online slots offer bonuses. These might be free spins or chances to use multipliers. This is particularly true of slots that offer free spins before asking you to start betting. That is the chance for free money. Why would you not take advantage of that? If you use bonuses and free spins and multipliers wisely, you can double or quadruple your winnings easily and consistently.
  5. Know if You Should Bet Large or Not: Online slots ask you to choose the value of the “coins” that you put into them and the number of these “coins” that go into each bet. If you are betting more per coin, you will win more each time you reach a jackpot or a multiplier. This may not be realistic for you to do, but it is a factor related to winning the maximum amount playing online slots is always going to be tied to the amount that you can afford to bet per “coin”.

Last of all, make sure that you are playing online slots through a reputable site and that you are not throwing money at a site that charges for extras that should be included. Best online casino will offer free spins and sign up bonuses. They will also be transparent about their sign-up policies and terms. A good quality online casino will also offer lots of variety of slots and clear payout options and terms.

These tips and tricks will make you a consistent slots winner and they will take the guesswork out of playing online slots. You will not have to worry ever again about deciding where and how to play slots in order to maximize your winnings! Now that you are armed with these great strategies, you are ready to start playing online slots like a pro!

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