Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs

Travel To The Kangaroo Sanctuary In Alice Springs

Alice Springs, Australia is the site of the internationally known Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre, established in 2005, and The Kangaroo Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary where the roos can live out their days in peace.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs gained international fame upon the release of Kangaroo Dundee (for UK readers, for USA readers) (2013), a documentary film made by BBC UK / National Geographic USA. The film follows the sometimes poignant lives of several rescued roos, and continues to warm the hearts of many in the 90 countries where the film was shown. The sequel is now being followed by a third film.

Such sanctuaries fill an important need as human civilization encroaches more and more on their territory. If you think its hard when squirrels and opossums get into your garbage or decide to nest in your chimney, imagine having 200 lb. kangaroos getting into your garbage or sneaking up behind you and kicking you across the street or chasing you down every time you try to snack outdoors. They are not easy creatures to share a neighborhood with, so for everyone’s sake and safety sanctuaries are now able to give the roos refuge.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary offers excellent guided sunset tours from Tuesday to Fridays. Book the trip in advance. And remember that the sanctuaries rely on donations to care for the orphaned baby and adult kangaroos living at our Sanctuary.

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Written by Meredith Fairbank