Financial Literacy For Women

Financial Literacy For Women – Every Woman NEEDS To Read This

In many ways our relationship to money mirrors our relationship to power, especially our own power. Take the power to make your life as you’d have it be, and control over finances is a big part of that.

  • Appreciate your money. Pat yourself on the back for being able to earn it and appreciate how it made its way to you. When you get paid, take care of basic necessities first by paying all your bills up front, including paying into your savings (paying yourself). Really reign in spending by not touching any cash at all until first things are taken care of first. Then you’ll have a better idea of how much expendable cash you’ll have.
  • Keep on top of your budget. That new handbag or the latest fashions aren’t very good investments. If they were, men would spend as much money on clothes as women do. Be very practical with your spending, when you must spend. Wasting money the opposite of appreciating it.
  • If you don’t mind working 10 times harder than employees work, the best job in the world is to work for yourself. Nothing is more satisfying than utilizing your greatest talents, and everyone is talented at something. Know that starting a business is hard, especially in the beginning. Remain highly motivated and give yourself tight deadlines to keep work flowing.
  • Value your time and others’. When you value your time, you make time to do the things that bring you the most rewards. Too often the things we should be devoting ourselves to the most get the lowest priority. So instead outsource or barter to create more time in your schedule to do the things that really matter most. Time is money.
  • Surround yourself with smartest, most talented, best people you can. The most successful people I know are eager to work and play with people smarter/more knowledgeable than themselves. Someone always knows more about something than you do. Always hang with the best people you possibly can. You want reliable, trustworthy partners who won’t bail the minute the going gets tough. You want partners who see your value.

It’s hard to believe women still earn less than men, mostly because, first, they take time out of the workforce to care for children and/or aging parents, then, they don’t always take their careers as seriously as they should. By the same token, there has been a huge increase in the number of women of means worldwide, and that number will be increasing even more as we put our minds to achieving all we are on this earth to achieve.

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Written by Meredith Fairbank