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The Best Plants For Hanging Baskets | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Hanging Baskets. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Nearly Natural 6607 Spider Hanging Basket Decorative Silk Plant

This product was recommended by Jen Chinburg from Chinburg Properties

Whether it be a porch, patio or balcony garden, hanging baskets are a great way to implement greenery and add a touch of natural texture to your space. The spider plant is known for growing well in containers or hanging baskets and will flourish in bright to moderate indirect sunlight. The Nearly Natural Spider Hanging Basket requires minimal setup and is a great option to utilize in any space, especially those that are indoors because this greenery can help reduce indoor air pollutants!

Costa Farms Boston Fern Handing Basket

This product was recommended by Rahil Chaudhury from Eye7

As a complete stranger to the world of house hunting and décor, I always thought that indoor plants are either fake or too much hassle. However, my wife taught me the real value of setting up hanging plants at home. They are fresh, easy to maintain and you can buy one based on where you want to set it up. Safest bet – Ferns – If you are putting a plant in a shady area, which might not receive direct sunlight a lot, Ferns are the safe way to go. They are pretty, lush, green, and are super low maintenance. However, please ensure you have a substantially large basket since ferns are known to grow and take up space.

100 Pcs Purple Pink Fuchsia Flower Seeds

This product was recommended by Smriti Tuteja from Yogic Experience

Hanging flowers in a hanging basket is such a mesmerizing combination that can quickly take the charm of any space notches higher. Fuchsias drape beautifully on pots and the gorgeous shades are instant mood-lifters. The best part is that they do not need a lot of attention and last for multiple seasons. Spectacular colors, exotic appeal, and low maintenance make them ideal for balconies, cafes, and indoor spaces alike.

Red Petunia Fire Chief Flower

This product was recommended by Aditya Abhishek from Agriculture Review

Petunias is an exceptionally beautiful flowering plant that can spread up to 16 inches to 4 feet in length and maximum 14 inches high. Depending on the variety they can have small to large and single to multi-colour funnel shaped flowers. They are a great option for hanging baskets because of their bushy appearance and intense colourful blooming. Moreover the plant can even live up to 3 years in the hanging filled with well drained potting mix rich in organic matter and drainage hole at the bottom in areas where summers are not too hot and winters are not too freezing. They can grow well under direct sunlight to partial shade sunlight and prefer moderate watering.

25 Everbearing Wild Alpine Strawberry Plants

This product was recommended by Aditya Abhishek from Agriculture Review

Strawberry plants not only look wonderful in hanging baskets but they also grow well in them. In one 12 to 14 inches hanging basket you can plant around 2 to 3 strawberry plants. They are cool season crops and are planted during September to October in tropical areas while in March to April in cold temperate areas. You can place hanging baskets on porches, balconies, or yards. While planting, take care that the basket should have a drainage hole at the bottom. As without it, water logging can occur and your plant roots can suffer from root rot.

JM BAMBOO Staghorn Fern 6.5″ Hanging Plant

This product was recommended by Alexa Justine Callada from Kostex Garage Repair

Staghorn ferns are a type of fern that is characterized by their long, spindly stems and fronds. They grow up to 6.5 inches high and can be planted in pots or hanging baskets. Staghorn ferns are beautiful plants that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you want to try growing one for yourself, look for a nursery or garden center near you that sells them. This exotic house plan has a 6.5 Hanging Plant as the centerpiece of its design. The plant itself is easy to care for and will only need watering once every two weeks.

Frozen Seed Capsules Blue Vervain Seeds

This product was recommended by Mark Buff from Profit Frog

Having grown it in my own house, I can say it is one of the best hanging plants to have. These are extremely beautiful plants with flowers of different colors growing together. They don’t take up too much space and would pull up the ambiance of your room.

PERFECT PLANTS Spider Plant Hanging Basket

This product was recommended by Beth Sparrow from The VIP Roll

You can grab your spider plant from amazon. Besides being a sight for sore eyes, spider plants are also renowned for various benefits. They are easy to propagate, maintain, and safe for most allergies. Spider plants are most effective in removing air pollutants, and the best part, they are dog-cat friendly.

Mountain Valley Seed Verbena Flower

This product was recommended by Bobby Peel from Best Golf Accessories

More than 250 distinct species of verbena, a stunning hanging plant that is known for its stress-relieving essential oils, are available. These plants need plenty of sunlight (8 to 10 hours each day) and a soil that drains quickly.

3000 Dianthus Seeds Sweet William Mix

This product was recommended by Bobby Peel from Best Golf Accessories

These blousy blooms, sometimes known as pinks, are remarkably resistant perennials, although they have a short lifespan and must be replaced after a few years. Fortunately, they are simple to grow from cuttings. Its pleasant aroma is arguably what makes dianthus so alluring.

Wekiva Foliage Wandering Jew Plant Hanging Basket

This product was recommended by Richa Kedia from Simplifyplants

Wandering jew is one of my favorite hanging plants that looks stunning in front of a window that gets bright indirect light. They have heart-shaped green leaves with purple stripes and a silvery sheen, making them stand out from other plants.

Sprout N Green Store String of Pearls

This product was recommended by Richa Kedia from Simplifyplants

The string of pearl is a popular indoor plant that thrives in a dry and warm climate. They are really easy to care for and will thrive in most households. These plants have pearl-shaped leaves attached to a string-like stem which looks magnificent when kept in hanging pots.

Dichondra Fresh 200PCS Fuchsia Flowers Seeds

This product was recommended by Richard Clews from Pants and Socks

The Fuchsia requires diligent care: fertilizing, watering or misting, deadheading. But provided you do that, it hangs beautifully. Flowers spill over the edge of the basket, creating a large display of color and light in your garden or home. A lovely flower with a unique color; my wife and kids love them.

Outsidepride Easy Wave Spreading Petunia Silver Flower Seeds

This product was recommended by Cornelius Fichtner from PM-Exam-Simulator

Spreading petunias, not to be confused with the regular kind, are a beautiful plant. Unlike other hanging basket flowers, they are short; up to 1 foot tall. This means they won’t outgrow their pot or turn into an unsightly mess. They stay neat, beautiful, and light, making them easy to manage and decorate with.

Homsunny Store Artificial Flowers Hanging Basket with Bougainvillea Silk Vine Flowers

This product was recommended by Ben Price from Heatable UK

This is the best plant product for hanging baskets you can buy on Amazon. It is made from recycled plastic and has a copper wire that keeps it in place, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over or getting damaged. It’s also heat-resistant so that it won’t melt or rust when put outside in the sun. This is perfect for anyone who wants to hang their plants outside but doesn’t want their plants to get damaged by wind, rain, or other factors that could cause them to fall over.

Begonia Non Stop Mix Plant

This product was recommended by Lee Dobson from Bulldog Digital Media

Begonias are a classic choice for hanging baskets, and for good reason. They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and they’re relatively easy to care for. Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, as they can scorch easily.

Burpee Big Red Geranium Seeds

This product was recommended by Lee Dobson from Bulldog Digital Media

Geraniums are another classic choice for hanging baskets. They come in a wide range of colors, and they’re relatively easy to care for. Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, as they can scorch easily.

Lobelia Seeds Use in hanging baskets

This product was recommended by Ronald Williams from BestPeopleFinder

Lobelia is an excellent choice for hanging baskets to add beauty and make the place live. Available in many colors such as purple, pink, blue, and white Lobelia is easy to handle and a premium choice to hang over windows or on the porch. It only needs good exposure to sunlight, water, and compost to bloom to attract birds and other beautiful insects such as ladybugs, and butterflies among others. Lobelia can grow well and looks great with other options such as geraniums, and daisies. I highly recommend lobelia because it not only adds beauty to the place but also it is less demanding and requires little care except it needs a timely trimming.

Live Flowering Perennial Montauk Daisy

This product was recommended by Karissa Clark from LoansJury

With leaves that are dark green on the outside and bright crimson on the inside, this Annual Coleus plant is the ideal size and shape for any hanging basket or vase. It is perfect for indoor gardens, and will thrive no matter the weather but are ideal for situations with a lot of contrast in shade and sun, have a profuse bloom of deep purple-red leaves, and relatively large leaf size. It is a low-maintenance, easy-to-grow annual that will produce a beautiful shade of green foliage throughout the summer.

Tnntopele Artificial Hanging Plants

This product was recommended by Charles Ngechu from EasyPaydayLoan

Tnntopele artificial hanging plants are the best for hanging baskets as a decoration for your home, office, or business premises. The light green leaves with stylish white dotted spots for texture will add a lively and lovely atmosphere to any decor. Additionally, the manufacturers of this plant have made it resemble real plants using quality material to show clear veins and smooth edges and make it real and soft to the touch.

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