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The Best Plants For Pots All Year Round | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Pots All Year Round. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Seedville Red twig dogwood White Flower

This product was recommended by Jason White from All About Gardening

The color winter stems of corpus plants are an absolute show-stopper in the garden. The corpus cultivars of the dogwood plant thrive all year round and works well in pots. In the winter when they are leafless, the rich color of their stems add a stunning contrast that is perfect as a backdrop for winter perennials. The red twig dogwood is particularly stunning with its fiery red twigs. It is certain to add a pop of color during wintertime. You can play around in potting dogwood with other winter perennials to take center stage for when the dogwood’s leaves will grow in spring.

2 Plant Hosta ‘Patriot’ Variegated Live Plant

This product was recommended by Joshua Blackburn from Evolving Home

Hostas are beautiful plants that can thrive in containers all year long. They make great architectural plants in the garden either alone or when paired with other plants in the pot. The white lining around the hosta’s leaves add a subtle highlight that gives it a 3D effect. You can fill your garden with or your porch with container-grown hostas and it will look beautiful. The contrast of its two colors adds an interesting characteristic to the visual so that it doesn’t look boring.

JM BAMBOO ZZ ‘Zamioculcas Fortune Plant

This product was recommended by Jennifer Curtis from She Cooks She Eats

Fortune plants are the best plants used in pots as it makes you richer they say. They are easy to maintain as they only need some sunlight and watering. It is good all year round because it has no specific season requirement in order to grow and thrive.

Stargazer Perennials Organic Chefs Herb Plant

This product was recommended by Phillip Villegas from Three Pedal Mafia

Herbs prefer to grow in very well-drained, permeable soil that receives full sunlight. Herbs can occasionally be brought inside if necessary, but they thrive best outside. Plant in larger pots to encourage root growth and to produce larger plants. Herbs flourish when routinely used in between waterings.

American Plant Exchange Gardenia Bush Veitchii Live Plant

This product was recommended by Eva Taylor from WP Buffs

With white scented flowers that begin blooming late in spring and keep coming all through fall, and a bush that stays fresh all year round, the Gardenia Bush Veitchii plant is a perfect choice both indoors and outdoors. While the fragrance refreshes your surroundings, the eye-catching flowers and the thick evergreen shrub make your space look beautiful too. The deep, shiny green leaves give the plant a healthy glow and each time you see new buds and leaves, you will find yourself smiling at its beauty. If it’s a low-maintenance all-year plant you need, you just cannot go wrong with the Gardenia Bush Veitchii.

Costa Farms Cat Cataractarum Indoor Palm Tree

This product was recommended by Penny Swift from ZenSoundproof

Palm trees grown in pots can add a very special element to your indoor environment. And if they get too big, you may be able to transplant them outdoors. There are lots of different types of palm, but the cat palm is stunning.

Dichondra 10 Plantain Lily Flower Seeds

This product was recommended by Joseph Greene from Trinidad Birding

The plantain lily (also known as the hosta) is one of the best foliage plants you can plant in containers. They come in a range of colors and foliage patterns – the dichondra variety is my favorite, due to its variegated white appearance, which adds a lot of visual interest to your garden. It may even be advantageous to plant them in pots, away from the rest of your garden, as they are beloved by pesky slugs and snails.

Valley Valentine Lily of The Valley Shrub – Japanese Pieris

This product was recommended by Tyler Sellers from Total Shape

It is perfectly low maintenance with partial sun requirement only. It grows slowly from the moment you plant it in spring or fall, and is a good addition to your landscape. Kindly use it in a secure and secluded spot, to avoid danger to humans and animals.

Shop Succulents Assorted Collection of Live Succulent Plants

This product was recommended by Fred Hoffman from The True Wilderness

Succulents are one of the best plants for pots all year round. They are low maintenance and can tolerate a wide range of conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. There are many different varieties of succulents to choose from, so you can find one that best suits your needs.

Altman Plants Assorted Cactus

This product was recommended by Fred Hoffman from The True Wilderness

Like succulents, cacti are also low maintenance and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. They are perfect for those who want to add a bit of flair to their outdoor space. There are many different varieties of cacti to choose from, so you can find one that best suits your needs.

Costa Farms Home Décor Boston Fern

This product was recommended by Fred Hoffman from The True Wilderness

Ferns are a great option for those who want to add some greenery to their home without having to worry about watering them too often. They prefer shady areas and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. There are many different varieties of ferns to choose from, so you can find one that best suits your needs.

Meekear Store Bonsai Tree Kit

This product was recommended by Morgan Lilker from Watches of Today

It’s a perfect potted plant for any home, as it grows slowly and needs to be tended carefully, but can survive in just about any environment. And tending to a Bonsai tree teaches its caretaker patience and the importance of everyday details, skills that are all too often overlooked and ignored in the digital age.

Southern Living Obsession Nandina Shrub

This product was recommended by Jacquelyn Kennedy from PetDT

I have found that this compact shrub is the perfect pot plant for show all year round – it has evergreen, dramatic foliage that is a garden showstopper all year round, sprouting a fiery red and hot pink, but turning to a beautiful fresh green later in the growing season, before reverting to an autumnal red as the weather turns. It has a wonderfully long ‘season of interest’, and you will typically be able to see colorful foliage, or clusters of appealing white flowers – so it is certainly not a boring pot plant! I have two in pots each side of my door, and a couple more in flower beds in the backyard.

Plants for Pets Store Live Snake Plant

This product was recommended by Rob Greene from Price of Meat

It’ll flower and bloom all year round, doesn’t take much looking after, and as long as you leave it to do its plant thing, it’ll be absolutely fine and dandy. The only thing that can, and will, hurt a snake plant is too much attention. It’s a hands-off, always looks good day in and day out houseplant.

Costa Farms Monstera Deliciosa Live Indoor Plant

This product was recommended by Mitchell Elworthy from The Lighting Outlet

Monstera, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, has become a houseplant favorite in recent years. This is not just because of its attractive, signature look. It is an easy-to-maintain plant that can thrive in difficult conditions. As long as the Monstera sits in bright, indirect sunlight, it can grow despite fluctuating temperatures or humidity levels. The Monstera also requires little water to survive.

Bonnie Plants Garden Sage Live Herb Plants

This product was recommended by Ladona Stork from Sassy Herb Garden

Sage grown in a pot makes a great addition to any patio or kitchen window garden. The dark green leaves grow into a beautiful small bush. In spring and summer, sage produces spiky blue blooms adding color to a garden. It is a perfect plant for beginner gardeners because it takes minimal care. It’s drought-tolerant, so if you forget to water it, it will usually pop back fairly quickly. While sage plants can handle cold into the 30s, in Northern climates move the pot inside where it will continue to thrive in a kitchen window. Best of all, a sage plant provides an abundance of fresh leaves for your favorite dishes, from turkey to potatoes. In fact, the more you trim the leaves, the more it will continue to produce. Sage is often used for smudging, a practice of burning the herb to cleanse the air in homes. Since potted sage grows vigorously, there will be plenty of leaves to burn.

Peppermint Mint Herb

This product was recommended by Sandra Nanka from Mudbrick Herb Cottage

Mint herbs are infamous for spreading their underground runners all throughout a garden, quickly overtaking a garden bed in no time. To counter this and restrict their growth, they are excellent as potted plants. The peppermint variety is the perfect plant to pot-up and have on your doorstep or within easy access so you can brew fresh tea or use in cooking as needed.

American Plant Exchange Cast-iron Plant

This product was recommended by Cindy Corpis from Search People Free

Beautiful and cast iron for a houseplant with long arching dark green glossy foliage that is extremely minimal maintenance and easy to grow. They grow in deep shade, are good for novice gardeners, and are the perfect size for shelves, tabletops, sills, and counters within your house or place of business.

Maverick F1 Series Geranium Flower

This product was recommended by Jean Chen from Cicinia

I’ve been familiarizing with various flower species since I started in a fashion company for wedding dresses. I just found the initiative to know different species so I can give (unsolicited) advice to couples for their flower decoration. While looking, I discovered this Geranium plant which can grow beautifully in pots all year round! This plant loves heat and thrives being a bit dry. This fantastic pot plant has a wide range of colors – plain and hybrid.

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