Dating As A Plus-Sized Woman: Myths That Need Busted

Dating as a Plus-Sized Woman: Myths That Need Busted Navigating the dating game is hard enough in itself, right? Add on the fact that you’re a plus-sized woman who’s trying to weed through the mess of Mr. and Mrs. Wrongs and you’ve got yourself an even more challenging feat. But dating as a plus-sized woman doesn’t necessarily have to be a nightmare, especially once you stop putting your weight at the forefront of who you are.

While it can be hard to date – no matter who you are or what you weigh – there are a few myths that we’re here to bust for you about dating as a plus-sized woman so that you can remember to present yourself confidently, carefully, and courageously.

Myth No. 1: No One Likes Plus-Sized Women

There’s a difference between “every person has their preferences” and “nobody likes plus-sized women.” The fact of the matter is, everyone values different things, and everyone places certain degrees of importance on different things, and the very nature of that means that there’s somebody out there who’s going to value the same things you do, care about the same things you do, and be interested in the same things you are.

Your weight, your stature, your body – all of these things are physical, and the physical, though important to some people (and important to you, surely), aren’t the end all be all. Put to bed the myth that no one like plus sized women and get in with the times – everyone has different preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Myth No.2: Insecurities Don’t Mean You Have to Put Yourself on the Shelf

We’re not saying that in your dating endeavors you won’t deal with some jerk who’s going to shame your body – this happens to everyone (especially on dating sites). Our advice? Unfriend, block, or refuse to see anyone who does this to you.

There’s no reason to allow someone insignificant to feed into your insecurities. Be confident in who you are and ignore the voices of doubt in your head. You’re a strong, confident woman who deserves to find a person who cares about them for who they are. Don’t let the voices of insecurity, shame, and doubt take that from you.

Myth No. 3: You Need to Hide Your Body

Whether you’re trying your hand at online dating or trying to meet somebody the old-fashioned way with a meet-cute in the bar, you don’t need to try to hide your body or yourself from anyone. That means you don’t need to spend hours on end looking for the perfect selfie angle to hide how you look or dress in all black because you think it might be more slimming – you just need to be yourself.

Follow dating rules and stop hiding your body, shaming yourself, and start putting yourself out there. Why spend your time trying to attract shallow people in the first place? Pick out the outfit you want and wear it. Take the picture you think looks best and don’t spend hours analyzing whether you look “fat” or not. Be yourself and stop hiding your body! No matter who you are, putting yourself out there in the dating world is going to be scary business, but you don’t need to add additional pressure to yourself because you’ve been somehow convinced that you’re not what people are looking for. This simply isn’t true.

Any person worth their salt (and your time) will care about you for you, your interests, and the connection you both have. Plus size or not, this won’t get in the way. Remember, allow yourself to be who you are, stop shaming your body, and allow love to find you!

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Written by Tony