11 Tips To Maximise Space In Your Small Apartment

Have you got a small apartment and big ideas? Well below are 11 Tips and Tricks to help you get the most out of your Small Apartment.

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#1 Mount TV On The Wall

This allows you to get rid of your entertainment center, adding more space to your living room.

Contributors: Shawn Breyer from Breyer Home Buyers

#2 Use The Space Behind All Doors

Make use of the space behind every door by hanging shoe organizers to hold a variety of items such as hats, gloves, scarves, cleaning supplies or haircare supplies.

Contributors: Nancy Haworth from On Task Organizing

#3 Go Vertical

When space is limited you have to go vertical. Focus on how often you use an item to decide where it should live. Holiday and party supplies should be stored away while everyday items should be more accessible. Under the bed boxes work well for shoes or sweaters.

Contributors: Ben Soreff from House to Home Organizing

#4 Utilize Off-site Storage!

If you don't use certain things that you own frequently, you can store those items somewhere else! On demand storage companies like Zippboxx will come to you, pick-up what you need put into storage, store it for you, and then deliver it back to your door upon request!

Contributors: Kelly Tenny from Zippboxx

#5 Natural Light Is King

No matter how tiny your small apartment actually is, a great way to make it feel bigger and more open is to let in as much natural light as possible. And this doesn't just mean not to barricade your windowsills with clutter, not hanging up overly heavy curtains or avoiding placing large, dark-colored furniture near your windows. This also means making sure that even if you do divide your space into different areas, you use dividers that will let the light through like open shelving or light-colored partitions. Additionally, make sure to employ plenty or mirrors and reflective surfaces in your space so the natural light from the windows is reflected all through your apartment, making it seem mightier and brighter.

Contributors: Arthur Smith from LEDwatcher

#6 Use It Or Lose It

My husband and I tend to hold onto things, believing there will be a time when we will us them again.  Time passes - maybe 6 months, a year, five years.  So we've setup boxes in a closet and when we come across an item we haven't touched for more than 6 months we put it in one of these boxes, on standby to be given away. Once a year we go through the boxes and take a trip to donate what we aren't using.

Contributors: Asher Rodriquez-Dunn from Studio Dunn

#7 Bins Under The Bed

Still struggling to find space in your cramped apartment? Get yourself some plastic bins and fill them with all your extra clothes and even shoes. Once you’ve done that stick them under your bed and feel the stress melt away as the clutter goes from chaos to organized.

Contributors: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#8 Foldable

It’s the classic solution to an age old problem. A fold out couch can be the place to sleep too. You only need a table when you’re eating or working and you only need a big table when you have company. A fold-out table could be just what you need. Chairs? Easy! Folding chairs!

Contributors: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#9 Float Your Furniture

Putting your furniture against the wall instead of allowing it to float in the room is a loss of potential storage space.

Letting your sofa float in the middle of or off to the side of a room allows for tons of items to be stored *behind* your sofa. You can purchase ready-made cubes that can hold tons of storage and basically hides your stuff from view.

You can do the same thing with chairs or anything with mass that can hide stuff behind it.

Just remember to keep your furniture away from the walls, so the walls become free for additional storage opportunities.

Contributors: Allison Constantino from Allison's Art Work

#10 Creative Storage Tips

  • A Rolling Chest: A bin on wheels is the perfect way to keep your items out of site when they're not in use. You can place clothes, desk supplies or even hair styling tools into these bins and roll them under the bed until they are needed.
  • Hanging Storage Bins: Buying fabric storage bins that can be hung on the wall is an easy way to store items as well. If these are around your kitchen, you can place items such as dish rags, individual coffee cups and cookbooks inside to clear up drawer space in your kitchen.
  • Magnetic Strips: A thin magnetic strip on the wall or on a shelf creates an easy, organized way to hang keys, toothbrushes, kitchen knives and more.
  • Magnetic Strips: A thin magnetic strip on the wall or on a shelf creates an easy, organized way to hang keys, toothbrushes, kitchen knives and more.
  • Book Rack: Place small spice shelves in your living room to create an easy, visible way to store your magazines and books.
  • Stuffed Bean Bag: An empty bean bag chair can be filled with your extra sheets and blankets to create a clever storage solution that doubles as a place to sit!

Contributors: Leanne Stapf, Vice President of Operations at The Cleaning Authority

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Written by Taegan Lion

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