Zodiac Beach Towels (18/18)

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Blanket Statements has created the ultimate conversation piece. These towels have re-imagined, modernized and updated the traditional signs of the Zodiac in an incredibly PLUSH and visually stunning towel. 100% woven in designs, NOT screen printed. The most unique beach towels ever designed, they are taking woven technology to the next level. Each towel has a 3d sculpted tightly woven in zodiac symbol to give the towel depth and dimension.

These towels are so personal they make the absolute perfect gift that will last for years! Imagine sitting by the pool or soaking in the sun at the beach with your very own Zodiac towel. With all your best personality traits listed, it’s certain to be a conversation starter!

Contributors: Jamie Coker-Robertson from JCR Public Relations

Written by Ben Skute

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