WhiSki Poles: The World’s Most Adventurous Ski Pole Flask (23/28)

WhiSki Poles are high-performance ski poles with an integrated flask in the cavity of the pole. Enjoy a drink post-ski, or simply skip the slopes and embrace the après ski life! WhiSki Poles utilize a standard ski pole handle with a proprietary screw off cap at the top of the pole. Just unscrew the top of the pole and throw one back, no need to take off those gloves! It only takes a single hand and you won’t have to worry about fumbling with the cap because there is cap-strap to make sure it’s never dropped.


WhiSki Poles are crafted from the strongest and lightest aluminum available on the market (aircraft grade ALU 7075, 18mm diameter). Quality is important, that is why we’ve partnered with a top-tier ski pole manufacturer who produces poles for the biggest names in the industry! The poles were engineered in the USA (patent pending) to be strong, light, comfortable and reliable. WhiSki Poles are all-mountain poles, and the premium alloy construction allows for top performance and durability. The poles sport a sleek matte black finish, which is stealthy and elegant at the same time.

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