Walkee Paws Waterproof Dog Leggings (7/42)

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Both dog and pet owner will love the benefits Walkee Paws provides, which make these unique leggings a fun and unique gift to give this year. Walkee Paws keeps their feet extra clean while still letting your pup run and play without restriction of movement. 

Utilizing Walkee Paws will prevent muddy paws or other outdoor germs from being tracked into the home. In addition, the water-proof rubber feet will keep a dog’s feet clean and dry for those rainy or snowy walks. They will protect paws from snow melt, salt and other chemicals that can be extremely dangerous if ingested. 

In warm weather they protect against hot pavements, lawn chemicals, pesticides, allergens and ticks. 

Contributor: Dana Humphrey from Whitegate PR

Written by Ben Skute

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