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These syrups are organic, vegan and gluten free. What sets these syrups apart is that they are made with real organic fruit, whereas other syrup brands use artificial or natural flavors only. Customers love the fact that these syrups are not overly sweet.

Wäbry syrups are versatile. They can be used on pancakes and waffles, to make non alcoholic beverages, in milk, and so much more.

Contributor: Nadia Khan from Wäbry Syrup

Written by Ben Skute

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  1. Love Wabry Syrups! I use the blueberry w extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, & pepper to make salad dressing; I use the strawberry in milk; I use the peach in seltzer water to make soda; & I use the chocolate-hazelnut on crepes & as a shot in my latte!

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