Viking Grain Acacia Wood Cutting Board (9/22)

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This board can be used year-round to entertain guests with hors d’oeuvres or just create a warm, intimate atmosphere for a tapas meal at home. The piece doubles as both a cutting board and an attractive serving board for charcuterie, fruits, cheeses, and more. It’s made from Acacia hard wood, the natural oils of the wood make the cutting board naturally resistant to water and bacteria and created with the end-grain of the wood, giving it a fibrous cutting surface that will let your knifes edge glide between the fibers instead of cutting across long grain boards, minimizing wear on both knives and the board. At a generous 20 x 14 size it is the right surface for slicing a chicken or roast and larger meats, such as whole turkey. The beautiful end-grain cuts of the Acacia board create a natural contrasting patchwork pattern that is unique to each board and also can be used as a great piece for serving tapas and hors d’oeuvres.

Contributor: Sarah O’Connor-Guffey from Viking Culinary

Written by Ben Skute

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