Use Linkedin – the world’s largest B2B social network (2/16)

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The best way to market a B2B app is to leverage Linkedin – the world’s largest B2B social network. There are over 500 million business professionals on Linkedin and the site’s filters make it very easy to target, engage and advertiser to individuals in particular job roles, industries, departments, and geographies. There are lots of different strategies that you can use to market a B2B app on Linkedin including:

  • Linkedin advertising (pay for ads about the app to turn up in potential app users’ newsfeeds)
  • Linkedin outreach (use InMails to inbox message potential app users)
  • Create a Linkedin group for the app and invite potential app users to join
  • Create a Linkedin company page for the app, so people find it when they use Linkedin search
  • Publish Linkedin articles about the app (these rank highly in Google, improve SEO and appear in your Linkedin connections’ newsfeed)
  • Ask influencers on Linkedin to promote the app to their audience (the biggest Linkedin influencers have over 10 million followers)
  • Hire a Linkedin Lead Generation Agency to find app users

These are just a few ways Linkedin can be used to promote a B2B app!

Contributors: Jonny Rose from Win At Linkedin

Written by Zak Parker

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