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Chatbots are the perfect example of how AI can really help sales, customer service, and the reputation of any business online. AI will give the best advice to the customer regarding the budget and what to buy. AI can really impact the way the customer experience goes. A lot of information is hidden from the standpoint of the first impression. AI can provide the company with great insight from the start like showing the business how the client found the business online.

Desktop, smartphone, or tablet, what campaign was used to get the person to show up. If the customer used a promotional code and if he left a survey. After the sale is when AI really puts in most of its worth finding the value of the experience. What kind of payment was taken? Technical Support helps the customer if he has any issues with the product or service. How the product was used and when it is used. Account Management is multiple users are using the same product.

Tutorials and logistics will keep the customer safely planted to the service or company. This can be the deciding factor of future prophecy. AI will soon be able to see if a customer will be a serious customer or just a bounce off. The biggest investment in AI is the risk of a malfunction and the cost to repair the issue. Once the bots get scrubbed or get infected by a bug one can really lose a lot of money, information, and reputation.

Contributors: Reuben Kats from Falcon Marketing, LLC 

Written by Zak Parker

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