US 740N Peacoat Navy Jacket (6/9)

What do you like about this piece?

Liam: I think Pea coats should always be Navy, the colour is good and the inner lining also makes the coat look like good quality.

Gath: The style, fit, finish and colour. A classic wardrobe staple.

What do you NOT like about this piece?

Liam: I’m not a fan of Pea coats and the collar and buttons stick out like a sore thumb. They take over the entire outfit and don’t look flattering on guys, I think.

Gath: I’d say the alignment of buttons is a tad bit off. If looked at closely, the extreme left side is a bit higher than the right.

What do you think would go well with this piece?

Liam: Smart trousers and a white buttoned up oxford shirt. Always go smart with these coats as it compliments the look.

Gath: Being a classic, timeless piece; this can go a formal route; with a gray or khaki trousers, a checkered button-down shirt and the optional tie. Go for an oxford shoe, or monk-straps, even a formal looking sneaker in a dark tone may work well for athletic individuals. On the flip-side, this can be worn with clay to tan chinos, a casual shirt and a light jumper for chillier months. This one’s also great for those who love layering.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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