Understanding Your Baby by Ayelet Marinovich (1/10)

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My best-selling book, Understanding Your Baby, is a new parent’s guide for playing with their baby. It breaks down development and simple, natural play activities that support various areas of early learning. Many new fathers report that during the early days, weeks, and even months, it can be difficult or less “natural” to bond with their young baby.

Many fathers want high quality, research-based information about what they can do to support their baby during his or her first year of life, but struggle to find and make use of this information. This book is great for new dads because it provides easy-to-read (even for sleep-deprived parents!), to-the-point,  empirical and evidence-based information, followed by a “what-you-can-do” section with easy-to-follow ideas for dads to do each week with their infants.

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Contributors: Ayelet Marinovich from Strength In Words LLC

Written by Taegan Lion

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