Understand where it comes from (3/9)

I think the key to combating perfectionism is to finally understand where it comes from: It comes from a place of fear, which is something we don’t need in our lives.  And most of us can acknowledge this and know that fear is bad and wrong and we need to combat it.

But also. Fear is just a signal. It’s not an event in itself. It has no power in itself. It’s just a feeling, waiting to be acted upon, and that’s all. And – fear is really just a signal that we love something; we hold it dear. What I mean is, we fear loss of control, so we up the perfectionism. We fear failure, so we go for the perfect response. But we fear, in the first place, because we hold ourselves dear. And we value ourselves. Yes, perhaps too much, or with a misguided approach, but really? Our intentions are good.

So, every time we exhaust ourselves, aiming for that perfection myth, it is simply because we know we are of worth. It comes from a loving place.  A place of protection. Perhaps it was the best we could do at the time, but now that we KNOW all this. we can do something different.

Contributors: Dana Bowman from MomsieBlog

Written by Ben Skute

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