They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan (5/32)

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This book is a must for any business strategy because it teaches you how to use content marketing to your advantage. How? Simple – answering the most often asked questions of clients or customers before you even speak to them. These are typically answers to problems and costs, and reviews/comparisons on services or products within your industry. The book also explains the importance of the sales and marketing teams working together instead of being in silos and not interacting with each other.

This knowledge alone is worth 100X the price of the book because most businesses keep these departments separate. The sales team is on the proverbial front lines, and knows what problems need to be addressed. When sales works with marketing, the marketing team can create content to address these issues.

Then the sales team can use their companies own content to further back their talks when speaking with prospects. Having prospects read information directly from your company helps build brand awareness, and makes sales easier because a few psychological triggers are pulled, such as the prospect viewing you as a thought leader on the subject, and trusting you because you are already offering a solution to the problem.

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Contributors: Ron Lieback from ContentMender

Written by Taegan Lion

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