Place To Visit: The Sacred Waterfall (Kulen Mountain) (11/15)

First-hand experience: When I saw that a waterfall was on the itinerary I was underwhelmed. I was in Siem Reap to explore the temples! But, as we got to the part of the river where the water becomes sacred, I got excited. I could feel it.

You can see the blessing stones under the tiny ripples of flowing water, and you would hardly believe something this calm and docile would lead to a huge roaring waterfall. After buying some tasty treats from the local food vendors I made my way down the steps. Before I reached the bottom I could feel the mist. The unveiling of the waterfall was amazing, It’s a rush. The water was so beautiful that we ended up staying most of the day to swim, climb, pose, and explore it. Kulen Mountain is definitely worth the trip.

P.S. If you’re into dirtbikes/motorcycles: there is a dirtbike tour that will set up for a ride to the top.

Contributors: Zachary Weiner from Nomadic Creative

Written by Ben Skute

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