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A spouse should always be forgiven for cheating, even if you choose not to stay with that spouse. When you do not forgive, anger and resentment will eat you alive. Revenge and spite are horrible for your health.

Now, the question is, should stay with your cheating partner?

In that case, my answer, from personal experience is that you should stay with the person if he/she shows remorse, has stopped the affair and wants to work it out. Both parties must be willing to work through the reasons he/she felt an affair was the only way to happiness.

While doing the hard work of reconnecting, you will have a unique opportunity to fall in love with your mate all over again and it is just glorious!

Contributors: Stacey Greene from Growing Vital Health, LLC

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. If anyone can comment on this it would truly be appreciated I’ve done alot of things I’m not proud of and I hate that about myself I truly want to change and I do for long periods of time years. but after a while I seem to re start all over again

    • You may be a sex addict. Get therapy. It’s is deeply painful for the person you are cheating on. Do the person you love a favor and stay single so you won’t hurt the innocent anymore. Let them know you can’t be monogamous.

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