The Power of Chakras by Susan Shumsky (1/46)

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The Power of Chakras is a book that every man should read, because it reveals ancient mysteries about the life force energy that flows through the body. That energy, which, when awakened, flows up the spine, is called “kundalini.” This same energy, when flowing downward, is the creative power in sex. When my publisher asked me to write The Power of Chakras, I went back to the ancient scriptures of India to unearth the most authentic information I could find about the topic.

This book discloses practical, time-tested methods to expand your magnetic attraction, increase your sexual energy and potency, and to bring you greater health and wellbeing. In addition, the book reveals mind-blowing, very esoteric information about the creation of the universe, the cycles of time, your subtle energy field, and the mysteries of spiritual enlightenment. It is simply the most genuine, profound, esoteric book on the chakras available.

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Contributors: Susan Shumsky from The Power of Chakras

Written by Taegan Lion

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