The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead by Timothy R. Pearson (5/5)

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This is a must read book for advertisers. Pearson lays down the paradigm shift and marketing with the merging of PR and advertising. The digital age has transformed advertising and marketing. From research frameworks and traditional idea development to planning to budgeting to distribution channels and media placement. Marketing has advanced: the key is to build relationships with consumers not just sell them products.

One of his mantras is:  Many Choices, One Customer: Resist Lazy Marketing. While you use multiple channels to engage customers, you are still dealing with individuals. Resist lazy marketing. Use technology to reach the masses, but don’t treat people like “masses.” Pearson’s six new rules of the new marketing are a must read. Get this book now!

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Contributors: D. Anthony Miles from Miles Development Industries Corporation

Written by Taegan Lion

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