The Messenger Is The Message (1/27)

The Messenger Is The Message (which was an Amazon marketing bestseller in the first month of its release) is the first book that provides a blueprint into the rapidly growing world of advocate marketing. Advocate marketing is for the modern consumer—more informed and less likely to trust a company’s marketing than ever before. Instead, they actively seek reviews and recommendations before buying. Companies that have caught onto this trend are implementing advocate marketing programs which help them discover and nurture happy customers, and turn them into advocates who readily spread the word, leaving reviews and providing referrals.

And here’s what Ted Malley, Chief Customer Officer of Ceridian had to say about the book:

With The Messenger is The Message, Mark explores the network dynamics underlying every successful sale and brand today. He skillfully combines discussion of technology with best practices from real-life case studies, examining businesses at the leading edge of transformation. Mark demonstrates how leaders have been able to build powerful networked communities, and codifies key lessons into helpful best practices. The Messenger is The Message is full of actionable insight drawn from decades of experience, and it’s an invaluable guide to customer advocate marketing.

– Ted Malley

Contributor: Chris Newton (VP of Marketing at Influitive) | Twitter

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About: The Messenger Is The Message, was recently written and published by our CEO, Mark Organ. Mark is an authoritative voice in the marketing world, having previously founded marketing automation company Eloqua, which was acquired by Oracle for $871M in 2012.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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