The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer (14/32)

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It is a great book for salespeople who are already in the business, but the newcomers will also find it really useful (I first read it without having even one sale executed). Jeffrey depicts what is wrong in the behavior of 95% of salespeople and shows what to do to be in that other 5%. The most important lesson that I’ve learned from reading Gitomer’s book is “value over everything”. Contrary to what most people – salespeople especially – think, your main point while doing sales should not be selling itself.

At first, you should try to provide the value – if you show that what you are trying to sell will boost your customer’s performance then he will be much more likely to buy. Also, what is really interesting Gitomer describes how you should build your sentences when trying to sell. Don’t say you’ll save on that, instead tell them you’ll earn that much. It seems really simple, yet most of the salespeople still end up being ‘that pushy salesman’ who people are hating on.

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Contributors: Jakub Kliszczak from CrazyCall

Written by Taegan Lion

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