The Hunt by Cassandra Wolf (2/12)

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Before man inherited the earth, God created the Jinn, invisible beings of fire and shape-shifters, who to this day walk the Earth hidden from mankind’s senses. Only a gifted few can feel their presence or interact with them. They are the seers. Smart, alluring and a highly trained secret agent, Sheba Blair is a woman with exactly such a gift. 

Having escaped the jaws of death in a plane crash, but dead to the world at large, Sheba has been enjoying a quiet life in the suburbs of Vancouver. One fateful day, unaware of her mysterious genealogy, Sheba crosses paths with the Prince of Jinns, Suliman. What unfolds from this encounter is a mind-boggling revelation of a centuries-old war, mystical creatures, dark secrets and sinister plans which threaten mankind.. 

Will Sheba discover who she really is? Can she save the earth from impending doom? The Hunt is a riveting story of interdimensional proportions, supernatural beings, doom, despair, hope…and love. 

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Contributor: Ryan Kenna from Austin Macauley Publishers, LLC

Written by Taegan Lion

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