The Hidden Benefits of Interns (7/28)

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I’ve started utilizing interns this year, and it’s been a great experience that I recommend to a lot of peers. I help nonprofits and social enterprises with their marketing and communications, and also teach small businesses how to incorporate philanthropy. So, because I generally work with smaller organizations who have little marketing experience or knowledge, it’s terrific to have interns because they share a lot of similarities with my customer base.

Often the things I’m teaching my interns are relevant to my clients, and vice versa. Additionally, having interns helps me speak, and explain things, more clearly, which means I’m refining my own message and marketing without the use of jargon. And, for this reason, I also have them read through my website to make sure they understand and can repeat what it says.

All of these factors and more simply means that the things I’m doing to make improvements inside my company are also benefiting clients outside of my company. Everyone wins! And, of course, there is the obvious benefit of having more hands to help complete the work!

Contributors: Kristi Porter from Signify

Written by Zak Parker

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