Still Young – A Powerful Short Film about War, Family & Loss (10/13)

Still Young - A Powerful Short Film about War, Family & Loss

Marcos Spalding is raising funds for Still Young - A Powerful Short Film about War, Family & Loss on Kickstarter! A touching drama about a troubled ex soldier and a shy young boy. A story of tragedy, redemption, love and loss.

The Film

An ex soldier riddled with the guilt of his biggest mistake, and a troubled young boy who doesn’t know where he fits in the world. The two find themselves connected, as the death of the boys father lays on the hands of the ex soldier, who’s mistake cost the man his life.

Its the story of a symbiotic relationship. Two very different individuals, struggling to understand each other. They slowly come to realise they both need each other.

We’re mixing some genres. We have some intense action sequences, and then intimate, thought provoking and emotional scenes between our two leads. Throughout the film, we are drip fed a broken memory of the terrible event that took place in the invasion of Iraq. These sequences are being shot in a military training facility, designed to recreate Iraq and the intense scenarios or a war-torn town. These war scenes are balanced with beautiful, picturesque sequences on the cliffs or Swanage.

These cinematic sequences help tell this heartwarming, heartbreaking story of love and loss. An important film, with an important message behind it.


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