SnackCrate (15/18)

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An international-themed snack collection subscription service. Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, but only one provides a taste of other cultures and the chance to actually visit those places.

Each monthly SnackCrate box includes a curated assortment of snacks from a different country such as Japan, Germany, South Korea, Sweden and more. For a limited time, all new SnackCrate subscriptions are offered at $5 for the first month and every SnackCrate subscription enters customers to win the SnackCrate Adventure Ticket™. Customers who find the ticket in their SnackCrate will win a trip for them and a friend to that month’s featured country. The contest will run through the end of 2018, with one trip given away each month.

It’s the perfect alternative to a boring gift card or watch or other tired and impersonal gift and ideal for those with a sense of curiosity about other cultures (who like to snack!).

Contributors: Amy Burger Team from AmyBurger

Written by Ben Skute

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