She’s Texting Late At Night (4/10)

Late-night texting could be a sign that she’s trying to conceal her communications with someone from you. Then again, she could just be texting her best girlfriend.

To get a clue, examine her body language when that next text pings at 1:11 AM. What facial expression does she make upon reading the message? Does she look happy? Excited? If she’s smiling while texting back – think: does she typically have that smile when she’s texting her friends?

This is the kind of situation your instincts are made for. What is her smile saying? Does it look like the same smile she gave you when you first started dating? Her reaction to a late-night text will tell you a lot. If she rolls over in bed and ignores it, it’s probably nothing.

Contributors: Justin Lavelle from BeenVerified

Written by Ben Skute

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