Satchels, Gucci And America (7/10)

Fashion Expert: Joel Bear

About: Joel Bear is the creative director of Motif No.3, a design house that creates art inspired bags made in Downtown Los Angeles.


Men’s Satchels & Slings.

What came from the fanny pack, has grown into a new style of bag.  Streetwear brands like Supreme, Off White and A Cold Wall pick it up immediately. The Sling or Satchel allows for the wearer to be hands-free as well as keep his/her valuables in front of them. We have anticipated this trend with our Jazz Sling and Artisan Satchels.

Art inspired pieces. 

With the rise of Gucci we have seen a huge serge of art appreciation amongst millennial and Gen-z’s  They are looking for pieces that pay homage not only to great design but to strong influences of art through, graphics, colors and illustrations.  With stores starting to be called “galleries and “installations retailer are picking up on this trend as well. We have met this trend by building each of our pieces to be inspired by the galleries and worn in the streets.  Our Jazz Collection was inspired by the free jazz music of the 1960’s and our wristlets inspired by the brutalistic architecture of the 1950’s.

Made in America. 

With the rising concern of H&M in the news, consumers are looking to know where their pieces are made and how their made. We are seeing a huge rise in the desirer for American made goods especially in Downtown Los Angeles. Millennial and Gen z’s because of the current political environment are voting with their dollars. We will see a rise of American designers in the fashion market being met with the desire of consumers to build a relationship with their brands.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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