RoseInk – Affordable High Quality Vegan Ink for Tattoos (8/20)

RoseInk - Affordable High Quality Vegan Ink for Tattoos

Did you know… That most tattoo shops use ink that contains Bone Char,   Glycerin From Animal Fat, Gelation from Hoofs, and Shellac from Beetles?

Shocking. I know.

But Not Anymore!

Our Ink Contains zero animal products. Its never tested on animals . It’s better for immunity and overall health. And more reliable and safer on the skin with long-lasting ink and better vibrancy.

We not only look out for your safety but we look out for your skin and most importantly your beliefs. We understand the importance of cruelty-free products. Our Temporary Vegan Tattoo Ink will contain no animal products and will never be tested on animals. Not only will we make sure we meet global health standards but we also make sure we meet the approval of vegans around the world. Permanent vegan tattooing can cost a lot according to the time involved. Names and really small tattoos cost about $50-$80. Larger and complex tattoos can cost thousands of dollars. An average small tattoo cost about $100.

Our tattoos look authentic and last long because our ink sinks into the top layer of your skin (called the epidermis, if you wanna get technical) where it reacts with organic compounds to change your skin’s color. Our ink is skin-safe, painless and made from all natural ingredients. The active compounds in our ink are naturally derived from the Genipa Americana plant. Tribes in South America have used this plant as body ornamentation for thousands of years. Our tattoo applicators will be made from FDA approved materials. We gathered our favorite herbs and enlisted the help of artist Vincent Jeannerot to create an herbal bouquet pleasing to the eyes and nose! The Bouquet Garni Set is a collection of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Sing it loud and wear it proud. For this third Scented Tattly collaboration, we once again turned to Agilex Fragrances to develop the unique and subtle fragrance. The top notes include Red Thyme, Italian Bergamot, Sheer White Spice Accord; the middle notes feature Parsley Leaf, Moroccan Rosemary, Wild Sage; and the bottom notes contain White Musk, Clear Musk, and White Sandalwood.

Ready to make a temporary bad decision?

Written by Loni

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