Rising Strong by Brene Brown (1/25)

This book motivated me to succeed because it reminded me that every individual experiences hardship, but how you bounce back from challenges is what’s most important to your success. The book was extremely authentic, and – without sugarcoating anything – described how trials are inevitable.

However, to recover from these hardships, “Rising Strong” recommends owning your vulnerability and being curious about your thoughts, feelings, and actions. So, in order to succeed after facing an extreme challenge, you must first embrace vulnerability and curiosity. I even found this book applicable in a business setting because it motivated me to persevere through a difficult job position change. In this scenario, the book encouraged me to be curious and learn as much as possible about my new job role, which ultimately led me to success.

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Contributors: Stephanie Kidd from Spinstak Growth Agency

Written by Taegan Lion

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