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From the Contributor: As a busy working and traveling woman, I would get frustrated when I looked down and saw my rings were dirty and grimy. Those jars of cleaning fluid aren’t convenient. They they are messy, and you certainly can’t travel with them (I rarely check a bag). 

I looked for a solution and realized that a small/portable ring cleaner didn’t exist on the market (aside from my toothbrush, and I wasn’t going there!). Ringo solves that problem by At 2”, Ringo is small enough to keep one in my suitcase (and, very important: TSA friendly!), one in my office, one in my car, one in my kitchen, I can clean my rings without making a mess, and more importantly, I can clean them when convenient. 

Ringo is non-toxic/gentle on your rings and skin. Given the size and price point ($19.95), Ringo makes a great gift and/or a practical stocking stuffer for women who love to travel. 

Contributor: Monique Honaman from Contender Brands

Written by Ben Skute

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