Retro 51 Buzz Pen (17/34)

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Retro 51’s new Buzz pen is a honey of a writing instrument—especially if you have a sweet spot for protecting America’s wildlife, not to mention our food chain. The elegantly-tapered, ergonomic Buzz pen is fun to hold and use, with a twist top, acid-etched honeycomb texture, printed bees and antique copper accents.

Best of all, a portion of every purchase is donated to NW Honeybee Habitat Restoration, a not-for-profit dedicated to honeybee survival. The organization creates safe, pesticide-free spaces where tiny pollinators can live and thrive. Buzz is part of Retro 51’s Tornado Rescue Ballpoint Pen collection, which supports 501c3 organizations focused on animal welfare.

Contributor: Joanne Levine with

Written by James Metcalfe

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