Pretend to Be Someone Else (1/18)

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Personally, I am terrified of the vulnerability that comes with revealing my true feelings. As my father used to say: Never tell anyone how you really feel. Now scrub harder on that rear bumper, but don’t scratch the paint. That’s why to tell my best friend that I love him, I told him under the guise of another identity. The process is simple. First, get access to the phone or a social media account of someone that openly loves your best friend. In my case, I borrowed my best friend’s girlfriend’s phone while she wasn’t looking, but it would have been just as easy to hack into her Facebook account (password: samlovestyler). Then, send a message of love to your best friend while pretending to be that other person. You’ll finally be able to come clean, and your best friend won’t suspect a thing!

Contributors: Jordan Thomas Gray from Liquid Social

Written by Ben Skute

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