Perennial Seller (1/14)

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If you sell a lot of your product in the first year that’s great but wouldn’t it be better to build an audience of loyal customers to continue to buy from you for decades. This is the essence of Ryan’s book and how to do it, how to build an audience that will continue to buy your products for decades. Ryan uses the example of classic books, the longer they’ve been in print, the more they sell. It seems obvious but the works of Shakespeare will never be out of print or theaters and tickets always sell well. How?

The people that love Shakespeare will always spend money on Shakespeare. How can you leverage this when building your customer base and audiences? Ryan looks at classic (Dickens, Hemingway etc) and modern examples (Kevin Hart, Iron Maiden, Apple) to help you build a long-lasting sales strategy.

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Contributors: Xavier Parkhouse-Parker from ZapHub, Helping Small Business To Grow

Written by Ben Skute

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