ONGO Energy Spray MAX (7/14)

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OnGo is the world’s most efficient energy supplement! Just three sprays is similar to an 8.4oz energy drink, and one bottle has a two week supply of 20 servings. 

OnGo is really designed for the consumer on the go, one that’s busy and doesn’t have the time to stop to purchase, to refrigerate, or to prepare. Imagine a driver that’s getting sleepy behind the wheel and the next rest stop isn’t for miles away. This pocket-sized bottle stays in your glove box, pocket, etc., and can be used when time is of the essence. 

Of the one in 6 people that drink energy drinks, nearly half do so for the purpose of the effects, and the others for the taste and enjoyment. Our product is all about the effect: 

  • spray
  • swallow
  • energize

OnGo is also endorsed by Chris Mazdzer (3-time Olympian, historic silver medalist) and Trischa Zorn Hudson (Greatest Paralympian/Olympian of all time, winner of 55 Medals.) 

Contributor: AJ. Jain from OnGo Energy

Written by Ben Skute

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