Nicki Minaj – TBC (7/10)

Nicki Minaj has successfully and seamlessly transitioned from Li’l Kim-esque rap upstart to pop princess and household name in a very short space of time. When her first full length ‘Pink Friday’ dropped in 2010, the rap game knew that the game was about to change. Minaj’s fast-paced staccato style was impressive to say the least, yet she still had the ability to change styles and tones and even bring in different roles into her presentation. Neat, huh?

After subsequent collaborations with anyone who is anyone in the rap world, Minaj went on to take the pop world by storm, with her highly suggestive, ‘Anaconda,’ filling up dance floors around the globe.

As for the future, Minaj has made it clear that crossing genres and defying the odds are part and parcel of her mystique. She states there is an album in the pipeline and she believes it to be her ‘best body of work.’

Written by Trevor Twohig

Freelance writer from London. I enjoy writing sports, music and self-help articles primarily. My first novel ‘Sunny Sands’ will be released in 2018.

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